Business Solutions Simplified

This 2-module, 28-lesson program will set you on the road to optimising your business like a pro.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at small business owners as well as leaders and managers in small businesses. We help you understand and better manage the human resources and financial management aspect of your business.

Are you struggling with

Money challenges...

  • Your money is tied up
  • Unable to identify costs in business
  • Unable to identify problem areas in business
  • SARS troubles because you did not register for VAT
  • VAT & Tax Penalties
  • Paying unnecessary tax
  • Struggling with cash collections and getting paid by customers

People challenges...

  • Low or no productivity
  • Establishing the right culture
  • Service delivery to customers
  • Lack of policies and procedures
  • Staff uncertainty about what is expected from them
  • Trying to do everything in your business yourself
  • Uncertainty about employee taxes

Meet the Creator and Lead Facilitator

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Renate Jute

Business Optimisation Specialist

As Founder of Noble Prosperity, I work with business owners to optimise their business. Whether you’re a small business owner who wants to learn new skills, or a big company that wants to expand its reach and upskill its employees – I am the person for the job.

I help businesses to identify and remove stumbling blocks to optimise their flow and create new avenues for growth. This is where my experience in business, psychology and business coaching converge. I create order from chaos: as a business optimisation specialist, I assess areas for improvement and develop necessary changes to reshape your business.

I’ve been helping businesses and trusts with financial planning, accounting and business optimisation since 2001.

I’ve saved companies and trusts tens of thousands of Rands in tax penalties, systemised businesses for optimal operation, and ensured the right staff are in the right positions.

I hold the following qualifications in addition to my 19 years experience in building and running businesses:

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (UNISA, 2009), Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (University of the Free State, 2012), Registered Tax Practitioner (SAIT, 2012), Certificate in Administration of Deceased and Insolvent Estates (UNISA, 2017), Internationally accredited life and business coach (2017), Certificate in Taxation (UNISA, 2018).

Introducing business solutions simplified

Do you relate?

Are you overwhelmed and confused by the Financial Management and Human Resources aspects of running your business?

Is your business ready to scale, but you’re uncertain about what that means in terms of accounting and tax compliance?

Are you looking for an easy-to-understand programme that gives you “Admin In A Box” templates, lessons and more, to help you make sense of the systems and procedures your business needs in order to grow?

The truth about (your) business

Running a small business is exciting, but it’s also hard – it’s not just about getting out there and making money. Of course, back when it was just you, your laptop and an Internet connection, you didn’t worry too much about correct invoicing procedures, budgeting, or VAT registration. You were so busy hustling to make a success of your business you didn’t have time to make sure you were up to date with the ever-changing tax and HR rules.

But now your business is growing, and suddenly you find yourself faced with accounting and HR questions you simply don’t have the knowledge to answer.

Business Solutions Simplified is born

This is why I developed the Business Solutions Simplified program, which focuses on teaching you about all the financial and human resources components of your business. It helps answer questions such as: “When am I supposed to register for VAT?”, “How do I write a recruitment ad to attract the right people to my business?”, “What is bookkeeping?” and “How does budgeting work?”

We help you solve your money and people problems

man talking to a group of people

Human Resources

Determine staff requirements, draft knock-out job descriptions, job specifications and job adverts for posting, ensure all employment contracts and letters of appointment are correct and up to date, determine and document company policies and procedures, manage leave in accordance to law, and determine and deal with outsourcing of roles.


Choose the appropriate business structure for you, deal with budgets, billing and cash collection, understand and in certain instances, prepare the relevant financial reporting, understand and in certain instances, apply the various taxes that impact your business.

Course Curriculum

man talking to a group of people
  • Introduction
  • Determine business activities
  • Determine staff requirements
  • Determine the Who
  • Job descriptions & Specifications
  • Job posting
  • Contracts & law
  • Policies & procedures
  • Leave management
  • Taxes
  • Outsourcing
  • Introduction
  • Business structures – formation
  • Business structures – types of business
  • Business structures – sub categories
  • Budgeting
  • Billing
  • Cash collections
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • Taxes – Company income tax
  • Taxes – VAT, CGT, Dividend, Provisional
  • Employee taxes

The Results we deliver

In only 90 days our students secured the following phenomenal results

Take back control of your finances

  • Easy to understand budgets and management accounts for the first time in 9 years
  • Freed up capital for increased marketing and business diversification
  • Clearly identified problem areas in the business
  • Minimized taxes
  • Improved cash collections

Transform your team

  • Increased employee attendance and productivity
  • Increase in culture and morale
  • Clearly defined roles and activities
  • Policies & procedures implemented
  • Freed up time to work on the business rather than in the business

Not sure yet?

This is what Brian Walsh, founder of The Real Entrepreneur, has to say about Renate and the Business Solutions Simplified program

More information

This program focuses on the human resources and financial management of your business.  This program will equip you to do the following:

  • Determine staff requirements
  • Guide you to draft knock-out job descriptions, job specifications and job adverts for posting
  • Ensure all employment contracts and letters of appointment are correct and up to date
  • Determine and document company policies and procedures
  • Manage leave in accordance to law
  • Determine and deal with outsourcing of roles
  • Choose the appropriate business structure for you
  • Deal with budgets, billing and cash collection
  • Understand and in certain instances, prepare the relevant financial reporting
  • Understand and in certain instances, apply the various taxes that impact your business
  • Human Resources Training Manual (PDF Download)
  • Financial Management Training Manual (PDF Download)
  • Video Lessons
  • Examples to help you understand the concepts more easily
  • Downloadable tools & templates such as staff requirement calculators, employment contracts, job description templates, budget vs actuals spreadsheet and many more
  • Access to private facebook group
  • Regular live online classes and Q&A sessions
  • Access to Industry Specialist webinars

For a full breakdown of the program, see the Course Curriculum above.

  • Eagerness to learn
  • Small Business Owners
  • Leaders and managers in Small Businesses

The program starts off with some basics and is aimed at keeping it as simple as possible.

The program is rated as Beginner/Intermediate, as it is aimed at laying a solid foundation and a basic understanding of the subject.  You will greatly benefit from this course and have more knowledge and skills to manage the human resources and financial affairs of your business.

R 14,997 per person

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