Prosperity Stories

Coaching and Mentorship

It is my privilege to recommend Renate Jute as a coach, mentor and adviser.


I have had the pleasure of studying with Renate and also of being coached by her on several occasions.


Renate has passionately continued her studies to ensure that she remains appropriately qualified in the changing legislative and economic world. Her ongoing studies in the arena of Trust structuring, Deceased and Insolvent Estate administration and together with her experience since 2001 in the field positions her as an expert in her field. I have found her advice to be client centric and carefully considered.


As a coach, Renate is gentle and firm all at the same time allowing the client to fully experience the journey of transformation in an environment that is supportive and encouraging while at the same time pushing the boundaries of moving forward.


I wish Renate great success as she forges forward.


Life & Business Coaching

I confirm that I have received both life and business coaching from Ms Renate Jute.

I approached Ms Jute when I felt myself stuck in a rut unable to move forward in my life and business. It felt as if I was constantly hitting an invisible wall and I could not identify what it was that was holding me back. I felt hopeless.

I discussed my troubles in the various aspects of my life with Ms Jute who always listened to me with an open heart and an open mind, never once making me feel judged. She helped me identify the problem areas in my life and the possible origins thereof (i.e how they might have stemmed from various issues in my past).

After I was able to identify what it was that was holding me back she provided me with various tools to deal with these issues. These tools have been a tremendous help and I am now able to look past any problem and focus on the solutions, thus making me able to move forward in life. My business is now constantly growing and my personal life is much less turbulent. I am a much happier and well-rounded person.

I have found Ms Jute to be compassionate yet stern and never lets you wallow in your misery. She makes you feel hopeful and guides you into the light when you feel lost in the darkness.
I would highly recommend Ms Jute to anyone and I will always be grateful for the assistance that she has provided me.

Yours sincerely,
Annelle Lotriet